Jeep Launches New Interactive Online Ad For Jeep Patriot

Last February, Chrysler Group’s Jeep brand worked in conjunction with the popular Marvel Comics to create the “The Patriot Factor” online comic book. This unique and interactive marketing campaign for the Jeep Patriot allows the consumers to go online and create their own story.

This time, the Jeep brand wants to expand their online digital marketing campaign with the nationwide launch of their second interactive online advertisement for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot called the “The Way Beyond Trail”. The interactive campaign will be launched in the internet on March 15th, and will be accompanied by other marketing campaigns for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot that can be seen by customers through 30-second TV spots, print ads, online advertising, a Hispanic campaign, product integration, events, direct mail, and billboards. Jeep said they are targeting younger audiences with the new marketing campaign.

Jay Kuhnie, Director of Jeep Communications commented:
“‘The Way Beyond Trail’ and ‘The Patriot Factor’ combine the timeless magic of story-telling with the power and reach of the Internet. Both applications allow us to engage prospective customers of the Jeep Patriot in an environment that is interactive and entertaining, which resonates well with them. Ultimately, the campaign theme takes its cue from the 2007 Jeep Patriot. That’s because the all-new vehicle delivers the fun, freedom, utility and best-in-class Jeep 4×4 capability that allows anyone to “choose your adventure.”

?Our target here is young, from 22 to 30, with income between $25,000 and $40,000, a little more male than female, and just entering a new phase of their life,? he said. ?They are just out of school maybe in their first job, moving out and trying to become adults. And they don?t mind being marketed to as long as you do it in an interesting way.? he added.

Meanwhile, John Plecha, Director of Jeep Marketing and Global Communications commented:
“The Jeep Patriot is targeted at young, active men and women who always wanted a Jeep but couldn’t afford one. Now, these consumers can choose their adventure in a Jeep Patriot because it delivers the Jeep experience at an affordable starting price – $14,985.”

Here are the details of Jeep’s “The Way Beyond Trail” interactive online marketing campaign:

The story has four main characters named Gary, Srini, Jodi, and the last character is the online participant. The setting takes place at a backwoods camping trip, where the participant will answer the challenges in 44 scenes. Every scene shows off some of the features of the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot including flip-down speakers, Jeep Fender Flare, and the iPod holder in the center console. Participants can also go back to the previous scenes or skip the next scenes to complete the story. But doing this makes the interactive game less challenging.