Pathfinder Bags ?best Family Suv? Award

Last year was filed with woes for the Japanese car brand Nissan for that year, 2006, Honda overtook them to become the second largest Japanese car manufacturer. Furthermore, last year sales for Nissan was a disappointment – the first time that Nissan suffered setbacks in terms of sales during Ghosn?s stint as the company?s president and chief executive officer.

But while there is plenty of bad news for the company, a silver lining came in the winning of the Nissan Pathfinder as the ?Best Family SUV? in the Middle East. The distinction was given to the Nissan model by the Pan Arab publication Automobile Magazine.

The award is given to the Nissan Pathfinder after a very close deliberation among the members of the magazine?s editorial team. Aside from the ?Best Family SUV? award, the Automobile Magazine also handed out awards for other categories such as the ?Best Small Car? and the ?Best Sports Car?. One of the reasons for the distinction is the Pathfinder?s amazing off-road driving capabilities. Some of the features integrated into the Nissan Pathfinder like the Hill Descent Control and the Hill Start Assist has already gained the attention of off-road driving enthusiasts and also no doubt the editorial board members who picked the winner for the category.

The Hill Descent Control is reliant on the onboard computer which guides the large Pathfinder vehicle in climbing down a hill. This allows the driver to concentrate on the steering. Nissan stated that the secret to the perfect use of the Hill Descent Control is to refrain from braking and just let the advanced safety feature do its job. Auto journalists who have tried the Nissan Pathfinder found out that the Hill Descent Control indeed guides the Pathfinder gently down a hill.

The Pathfinder?s 4.0-liter engine produces 291 horsepower and this enables the Pathfinder to nimbly ascend hills. The power coming from this relatively large engine can be enhanced further with the use of an aftermarket Nissan cold air intake system which allows cooler air to circulate inside the engine?s intake manifold and eventually into the combustion chamber.

Responding to the citation, Adel Faidi, the Assistant Manager for Corporate Communications at Nissan Middle East, has this to say: ?Winning this award is a sensational achievement and just reinforces the pride that everyone in Nissan feels with delivering great vehicles. Nissan is committed to bringing automotive innovation and promoting the development of the auto industry. Since its introduction the new Nissan Pathfinder has successfully set a new standard in the family SUV segment and we are strongly confident that it will further excite the market and the drivers who want to own an SUV with high value-for-money, great road presence and superior comfort.?

The Nissan Pathfinder is only one of Nissan?s large vehicles available in the Middle East. Joining the Pathfinder in Nissan?s lineup are the Armada, the Patrol, the X-Trail, and the Murano.