Peugeot Unveils Peugeot 207 Super 2000

Last March, during the Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot sent the curtains down to show off the Peugeot 207 RCup concept vehicle. And during that event, many auto experts and authorities have already seen that such a concept vehicle would be making way towards a newer and more powerful Peugeot vehicle.

And they were not mistaken. For now, this car and vehicle brand has presented and unveiled the Peugeot 207 Super 2000. It is Peugeot?s rally car and it has already passed the first batch of development stages. It has also passed the testing for loose surfaces as well as those for tarmac surfaces.

The first time the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 rumbled to life, the technical manager of Peugeot Sport, Bruno Famin, and the project manager for this vehicle, Bertrand Vallat, were there to watch. After all, this was their baby and it was now all ready to try out new surfaces and new challenges. Sure, they were by the sidelines with spare parts Peugeot just in case anything happens but it looked like the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 was a tough one. What?s more is that Famin and Vallat found out that the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 could actually perform and certainly would be taking the place of old Peugeot rally cars that have already gone to the scrap yard. The Peugeot 205 T16 and the Peugeot 206 WRC are some of these rally vehicles that did great on the tracks. In fact, the latter, has took home three world rally championships for itself and it even is still the holder of 65 podium finishes.

And as per Vallat, he says, ?To start with on the loose surface, the 207 Super 2000 showed a good level of reliability which was confirmed again on tarmac some weeks later. We are only at the initial stages of development but all the test drivers who have followed each other behind the wheel of the car have been satisfied with both the handling and performance.? And soon enough, the Peugeot 207 Super 200 would be made available for customers who would be using the vehicle for campaigns in various national championships.

2006 Acura Tsx Review

Entry-level luxury, with an emphasis on “entry-level.”

What’s new for the 2006 Acura TSX: Minor intake and exhaust mods boost horsepower to 205. Elsewhere, new wheels, styling alterations front and rear, driver’s seat memory, an MP3 input jack, a Maintenance Minder System, and a faster-thinking navigation system round out the long list of minor enhancements.

For most upscale automakers, small sedans are big business. They get sales numbers, draw in young yuppies, and sometimes serve as the brand’s cool, fast, fun model. Acura likely had these goals in mind when conceiving of the TSX, though they ended up taking a different approach than did most others.

Rather than designing the TSX from the ground up, Acura essentially used a shrunken version of the Honda Accord platform, then tuned the engine, suspension, and tires for an extra dose of performance. The result is a fine-driving, decently entertaining sports sedan, but in a class where excellence is common, “decent” kind of sticks out. For one thing, the TSX’s front-wheel-drive nature has it handling less than a BMW and more like, well, an Accord. Its Accord-sourced engine is two cylinders shy of a full load (meaning six), and compared to others, the TSX is a bit lacking in refinement and low-speed punch. Together, these factors take a toll on the TSX’s legitimacy as a sports sedan.

Performance aside, the little Acura measures up in most ways. There’s a full complement of luxury and safety features (including leather, power seats, sunroof, and stability control); navigation is the only real option. The front seats are great, and the stereo rocks hard (even if it can’t play DVDs like most Acuras). The only drawbacks are the TSX’s somewhat unsupportive back seat, and how the presence of the navigation system complicates the other controls.

Acura is also the most modest with pricing, as the TSX is nearly the only remaining entry-level luxury car that ducks in under $30,000. That might seem like a bargain compared to Lexus, Infiniti, BMW and the rest, but it’s fair to ask if those cars are its real competition. Leather seats and designer labels notwithstanding, the TSX’s hardware and performance are much more in line with cars like the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic Si, which start closer to $20,000.

Still think it’s a deal?

The All New Maruti Wagon R Like Never Before

When was the last time you saw or heard a car manufacturer withdraw one of its most successful models that was well past its prime? Well, never we guess. In India, every time a successful car hits its prime, the makers are quick to re-launch it with a new nose, new graphics and an “all new” tag, just to keep the interest alive and cash registers ringing. Maruti Suzuki has successfully done this so far with almost all its models. But it has especially gone the whole hog with its blue-eyed hatchback and country’s first ever tall boy – the Wagon R. Ever since its launch way back in the year 1999, this entry-level hatch had been the hottest thing among the small car buyers. And the new and improved Wagon R just promises to take the success story forward. But will it be the same success for Maruti in India. Let’s find out.


The new India-specific Wagon R is a far cry from its Japanese counterparts. Although, it still bears the tall boy design and the squared edges of its precursor, it certainly looks more modern and sporty. The front gets a more pronounced bonnet with a big bold grille and the blue-eyed boy actually gets blue eyes in the form of a tiny blue parking lamp cover in the redesigned headlamp cluster. The rear has also been freshened up with new bumper, redesigned tail lamps and a chunky chrome lid.


The tall boy design allows the best in class headroom, leg room and knee room. On the downside, it’s very narrow, so three people on the rear seat can be left cramped for space. The basic cabin of the erstwhile Wagon R has been upgraded with a new dash layout, up-market blue upholstery, and a whole host of add-ons like retractable cup holder, keyless entry and large space under the front passenger seat. There is also a brand new tilt adjustable steering wheel and an integrated in dash 4 speaker music system and front aux port.


The new Wagon R is powered by the 998cc and 3 cylinders K10 B engine that unleashes 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque. So it’s quite a breeze to drive around in the city, yet planted enough for the highway. It has a highly fuel-efficient engine that gives it an ARAI certified mileage of 18.9 kmpl. The soft and notchy gearbox of the old Wagon R has been replaced by 5 cable linked gear box that feels slick and sure. Maruti has also made major changes to the Wagon R suspension as well. The steering isn’t feather light anymore and provides feedback when cornering. However, because of its tall boy stance, there is quite body roll, but it doesn’t deviate from its line. At slow speeds, on average city conditions, the ride is good and compliant. But as you pick up speed, the ride tends to get a bit more undulating and bumpy.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Transcending Time

The Grand Jeep Cherokee is the vehicle that commemorates the second 50 years of Jeep. The Grand Cherokee was built at Chrysler?s Jefferson North Assembly Plant using only top-of-the-line Jeep auto components such as Jeep headlight door. The said assembly plant is located in Detroit. The year 1993 marked the debut of the Grand Cherokee.

Jeep and its XJ, ZJ and WJ
The engineers at American Motors have a hard time in developing the ZJ as early as 1985 but then two year after the company is again confronted with a problem and that is whether to build a minivan or an SUV. And of course even those with zero math skills can figure out which design won. An additional 18 months was spent in creating the ZJ which according to Jeep would become its flagship (or in short the priciest or leatheriest).

In fairness to ZJ it is one of those few vehicles ever made in the history of the automotive world that virtually resembles its concept predecessor-. The five-seater ZJ was launched in the spring of 1992 as ?93 model. Its unibody construction is likened to that of a baby Cherokee only its 10 inches longer and 4 inches wider than the XJ. It has become a hit due to its driver-side airbag and four-wheel abs. it was also the very first Jeep to feature a split-bench rear seat.

The ZJ was offered in three levels: base called the SE, Laredo, and Limited. In the year 1993 the short timer Grand Wagoneer was equipped with wood and a standard V8. Then in 1995 the outdoorsy Orvis came and was produced only until 1998. Despite its not so appealing name it was equipped with a two-tone interior. At the cease of Orvis came a sportier TSi model.

A massive makeover happened for the ?99 model year and by this time all but 127 ZJ parts remained. This is also the very same year that the Grand Cherokee was made rounder, slightly longer (106 plus inches but the wheelbase remained) and received its second-generation WJ designation. Both the Laredo and Limited were retained, while the headliner Overland was added in 2003, and SE and Sport came and go.

For 2004 Chrysler Group added to the lineup the following models: Special, Freedom, Columbia, and Rocky Mountain Editions. A year later, 2005, the Grand Cherokee gets another makeover and this time morphing into the WK, the Laredo Limited, and Overland. The remodeled Grand Cherokee offered for 2005 features 109.5-inch wheelbase and an overall length of 186.6 inches. It was often criticized for looking like a minivan which was a subtle way of calling it ugly. The considered high performance Grand Cherokee includes the ?98 5.9 Limited and the street-made SRT8 which became a hit in 2006.

To celebrate its 65th Anniversary last year Jeep created the 65th Anniversary Edition Grand that employ the Laredo E-package as its muse. The idea for the rear suspension equipped on the ?93 Grand Cherokee was doodled on a cafeteria napkin, just in case you readers may want to know.

Air Horns On Cars & Trucks – The Next Big Trend

Forget jacking your truck up, neons, and chrome rims, today?s auto junkies have air horns! Not just any kind of air horn though, real train horns. That?s right, it?s the new sensation, and people can?t get enough of the ear-splitting sound.

The madness started with sites like popping up, posting videos on Youtube of them riding around scaring the living daylights out of people with their horns. Not long after, other truck websites followed. Then, before you know it, everyone on the block has a 150 plus decibel train horn.

Since the horns require high intensity air flow, you have to have an air source. This includes an air tank and a compressor. Along with other hardware & valves, you have a complete air horn setup.

sells kits that are easily installed on just about any automobile. The prices range from about $200 to over $600. Each range kit has different specs and decibels of sound. The great thing about buying them as a kit, is you have everything you need to install it. The kits also come with full color directions, making it easier for the first time installer.

The question your probably thinking now is, how am I going to fit a 5 gallon air tank, compressor, hosing, and the horns in to my Honda Accord? Luckily some sites like offer smaller systems. For instance you can buy the ?car kit? which includes a smaller size air tank, and compact horns.

Most people with cars put the tank in the trunk, along with the compressor and run a high intensity hose to the air horns. The horns don?t have to mount facing forward, this is a common misconception. They?re just as effective facing down, towards the ground.

So, your thinking of getting an air horn, but just out of curiosity, you want to know?What?s the loudest horn out there? That?s a good question. The loudest horn made is the Nathan K5. Not many people sell it because it?s only available to locomotive related companies. Only a small, select group of sites sell them, and there not cheap! The average price for just the horns is well over $1500. Not to mention you need an air system to push it.
Air horns can be a lot of fun. If and when you decide to purchase one, check out the sites I mentioned in the article. Also be very careful with your new horns, there not toys, and can be dangerous, so use them responsibly.

Car Sales Up 26.6% In March

Figures which have just been released show that new car sales were up by 26.6% in March. This rise in sales has been attributed to the amount of small-car sales, last-minute scrappage deals and the release of the new ?10? registration plate.

There was a total of 397,383 new cars registered during March which although is still below average for the month ? it?s a step in the right direction and shows that motorists are still looking to buy their vehicles from new.

The popularity of superminis has helped to increase the overall car sales. It seems as though motorists are becoming more and more conscious about a car?s environmental credentials and are looking to buy a more fuel efficient motor.
The top seller so far is the Ford Fiesta ? which sold 23,681 models during March. Coming closely behind in second place was the Ford Focus which sold 17,989 models and capped off a great month for Ford.
The other factor which contributed to the rise was the Scrappage Scheme ? it accounted for around 12.2% of the total sales ? but this was the last month of the scheme so we can?t except it to have as big an impact next month.
It?s expected that car sales will now decline throughout the rest of the year as Scrappage sales accounted for so many new sales.

March is traditionally a good month for car sales anyway ? along with September ? because of the introduction of the new plate ? so next month?s car sales data will be an interesting read indeed.

Guide On How To Get The Best Deal On New Car

Since the price of cars is rising, people wish miracles to happen so that they can afford the vehicle of their dream in their budget. One such miracle, which people expect, is to get a car at below dealer cost! Very well, this wishful thinking could actually become a reality if you are sensible and pick your time of purchase sagaciously.

What is dealer invoice price?

The invoice value of a car is the value that the dealer has paid to the manufacturer. Dealers are treated as independent franchisees and they’re likely to make a purchase of the car before they sell them to the end user. In order to make their expected income, car dealers normally keep the sticker price (MSRP or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of the car 10-15 per cent over the invoice price. Hence dealers have a due margin and if you’re clever enough you can negotiate the final price tag. Although, if you know the tricks of the deal, you could get a price beneath the invoice value and thus make considerable savings on your car purchase.

What’s the key behind being able to purchase a car below car dealership price?

Invoice price is still not the true cost of the car. It’s because dealer might get certain rebates and particular incentives as well which brings down the invoice price. Thus, it is actually possible to get a car below its invoice cost. Let me reveal how you can go about it.

Selecting the right vehicle – Many dealers are most likely to negotiate on cars which are moving slowly so as to get rid of their inventory. Review car magazines and also websites to learn about these kind of autos.

Learn about the dealer’s cost price – You’ll find websites that provide tools where you can calculate the bill price of a car. This will help you in negotiating the best value.

Opting for a slow sales time period – Dealerships may offer you a good deal if they are desperate enough to meet their monthly, quarterly or even yearly sales target. Many times car manufacturers give cash price as rewards for dealers who have reached a stipulated sales figure. If you are a customer who can help a dealer achieve the magical figure, it’s possible to win mind-boggling deals. In this way, holiday season is a great time for you to make car purchase as many people are involved in gift purchasing and so want to stay clear of mortgages in the festive period.

Stop by several car dealerships – Make sure you visit as many dealers as you possibly can to check out what other customers are paying for the same car and even to hook a desperate dealer. It is strongly recommended you visit dealers at the month-end time and visit at least 10 dealers in your area to strengthen your likelihood of cracking a good deal.

Get second-hand cars in Vegas

If even after investing in so much labour you’re not able to negotiate a price which is in your budget you can consider purchasing used cars in Vegas. Go to your trustworthy dealers of second hand vehicles in Las Vegas to help you buy a well-maintained car at the best value. If you’re lucky, you can get a slightly used car, way below its invoice value!

The Same Golf But Different Cars

Volkswagen?Europe?s largest automaker and producer of the popular VW CV joint— has offered in Canada its new subcompact entry, the 2007 Rabbit 2.5 which has grown and matured from its Golf predecessor. VW is marketing its Rabbit 2.5 hatchback as a full-featured compact loaded with standard six air bags, traction control, air conditioning, cruise control, abs and a 10 speaker stereo with MP3-compatible CD player.

The Rabbit 2.5 is also equipped with a five-cylinder engine and VW?s four-year/80,000 kilometer warranty that covers four years of roadside assistance which is one year more than those offered by Civic or Corolla– primary competitors of Rabbit 2.5 in Canada. And compared to its other compact competition, the $20,990 five-door Rabbit is no doubt a good buy. But compared to the other VW?s compact how does the ?new? 2007 City Golf rate?

The word new in the 2007 Golf are warranted in the sense that the City Golf is supposedly the last generation of Golf five-door hatchback that will be sold in Canada. It should be noted that the Volkswagen has started offering its Golf in Canada way back in the year 1999 and the new City Golf is the latest addition. The new City Golf has a starting price of $14,900 and comes equipped with 15-inch rubber, four wheel disc brakes with ABS, power steering, AM/FM/CD with eight speakers, two-tone cloth seats, 60/40 folding rear seats, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, tachometer, rear wiper/washer and Volkswagen?s four-year warranty.

Compared to the previous City Golf, the new Rabbit 2.5 is more spacious on the inside. And just like Dodge?s Caliber, the new rabbit 2.5 is big for a compact, especially the back. However unlike the Dodge, the Rabbit 2.5?s interior has a more luxurious feel to it attributed to the fact that it has shared many parts with the Audi A3. But despite this fact it simply cannot be denied that Volkswagen has cut cost in the production of the Rabbit 2.5. There are obvious features found on the Rabbit 2.5 that indicates the cost-cutting that VW has employed for this Golf such as the center console and doors are made of harder plastic while the audio and HVAC controls just didn?t have that solid feel of Teutonic that pervades the City Golf.

And once on the road the difference between the new and the old City Golf became even more pronounce. The new Rabbit 2.5 is powered by a new 150 horsepower, 170 pound feet of torque, 2.5 liter inline five cylinder engine which is larger by almost half-liter and more powerful by 35 horsepower and 48 pound feet of torque than the City Golf?s four.

Another distinction is in terms of the weight since the rabbit 2.5 weighs 100 kilograms more than the City Golf. The most obvious difference is the 2.5?s more immediate torque which results to unplanned mid-range passing maneuvers. The rabbit 2.5 produces about 1000 rpm less than the previous City Golf when driving on the highway.

The City Golf is equipped with an independent torsion beam axle rear suspension while the 2.5 receives a new fully independent rear that makes use of a multi-link rear suspension. And if the City Golf?s is the bouncy type and revs up immediately, the 2.5 on the other hand is more of the subtle type. The Rabbit 2.5 is also more in control and more stable at high speeds as compared to the City Golf.

In terms of steering wheel, the City?s Golf conventional mechanical steering setup and lighter weight is much better. Unfortunately the Rabbit 2.5?s electro-mechanical steering suffers from on-centre numbness. And although it may be less direct but it sure is effective in providing the Rabbit 2.5?s luxury compact mission statement.

Jeep Launches New Interactive Online Ad For Jeep Patriot

Last February, Chrysler Group’s Jeep brand worked in conjunction with the popular Marvel Comics to create the “The Patriot Factor” online comic book. This unique and interactive marketing campaign for the Jeep Patriot allows the consumers to go online and create their own story.

This time, the Jeep brand wants to expand their online digital marketing campaign with the nationwide launch of their second interactive online advertisement for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot called the “The Way Beyond Trail”. The interactive campaign will be launched in the internet on March 15th, and will be accompanied by other marketing campaigns for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot that can be seen by customers through 30-second TV spots, print ads, online advertising, a Hispanic campaign, product integration, events, direct mail, and billboards. Jeep said they are targeting younger audiences with the new marketing campaign.

Jay Kuhnie, Director of Jeep Communications commented:
“‘The Way Beyond Trail’ and ‘The Patriot Factor’ combine the timeless magic of story-telling with the power and reach of the Internet. Both applications allow us to engage prospective customers of the Jeep Patriot in an environment that is interactive and entertaining, which resonates well with them. Ultimately, the campaign theme takes its cue from the 2007 Jeep Patriot. That’s because the all-new vehicle delivers the fun, freedom, utility and best-in-class Jeep 4×4 capability that allows anyone to “choose your adventure.”

?Our target here is young, from 22 to 30, with income between $25,000 and $40,000, a little more male than female, and just entering a new phase of their life,? he said. ?They are just out of school maybe in their first job, moving out and trying to become adults. And they don?t mind being marketed to as long as you do it in an interesting way.? he added.

Meanwhile, John Plecha, Director of Jeep Marketing and Global Communications commented:
“The Jeep Patriot is targeted at young, active men and women who always wanted a Jeep but couldn’t afford one. Now, these consumers can choose their adventure in a Jeep Patriot because it delivers the Jeep experience at an affordable starting price – $14,985.”

Here are the details of Jeep’s “The Way Beyond Trail” interactive online marketing campaign:

The story has four main characters named Gary, Srini, Jodi, and the last character is the online participant. The setting takes place at a backwoods camping trip, where the participant will answer the challenges in 44 scenes. Every scene shows off some of the features of the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot including flip-down speakers, Jeep Fender Flare, and the iPod holder in the center console. Participants can also go back to the previous scenes or skip the next scenes to complete the story. But doing this makes the interactive game less challenging.

Through The Centuries With The Buick Century

Under the umbrella of the General Motors, the Buick Motor Division is very much responsible for the Buick Century. This model of vehicles is a line of full size performance vehicles that had ran from 1936 to 1942 as well as in 1954 to 1958. The vehicle brand, Buick, also used the name Buick Century in 1973 to 2004 for its value-added intermediate line of cars.

The very first time that the Buick Century made its way on the automotive jungle, this vehicle actually took the place and niche of the Buick Series 60. This happened when the Buick division decided to rename the whole model line up for the 1936 model year. This was due to the celebration of engineering improvements and design advancements. What actually happened to the Buick Century was that it was a combination and concoction of the shorter Buick Special bodies? wheelbase to the Buick?s engine that holds eight cylinders. During this era, the Buick Century was actually the fastest in its brand line up. It was capable of performing under sustained speeds. Because of this fact, the vehicle was dubbed as the ?banker?s hotrod?.

The most recent Buick Century has been constructed to be a midsize sedan. It sports the look that has been compared to an elegant maiden that has beautiful features wrapped in fine simplicity which is a very uplifting description indeed. The Buick Century exudes also a look that says elegance and sophistication. It certainly is one vehicle that stands out from among its competitors. Its ride quality is very much outstanding. It provides a very soft, smooth and quiet performance. And through all these, it also gives its driver and its passenger?s utmost and great care, comfort, and convenience during the ride.

Before any great changes were done, the Buick Century came simply with a longer intermediate front wheel drive system. It also was offered as a couple, sedan, and station wagon although the latter was crossed out from the list later on. It holds grilles, turn signals, airbags for the driver?s side, body colored rub strips, a traction control, a tire inflation monitor, suspension, and side moldings. It also previously held a V6 engine with engine coolant that was guaranteed to last for five years.

This vehicle is mostly appealing to people who are more leaning towards old-fashioned bench seats. It also is a good means of transportation for it has the capacity to take in a maximum of six adults in its cabin. It also holds the typical Buick luxury plus some added features like a keyless entry system, a dual zone climate control, programmable door locks, as well as a CD player. Rumors have it that the Buick Century is nearing another complete overhaul.

To preserve the amazing performance and luxury of the Buick Century as well as other Buick vehicles, a one of a kind online store is able to provide customers with super durable Buick parts with an equally impressive performance. Interested parties can simply visit Auto Accessories Giant. It is a hassle free online store for shopping for auto parts that will make the Buick Century live up to its name.