Car Sales Up 26.6% In March

Figures which have just been released show that new car sales were up by 26.6% in March. This rise in sales has been attributed to the amount of small-car sales, last-minute scrappage deals and the release of the new ?10? registration plate.

There was a total of 397,383 new cars registered during March which although is still below average for the month ? it?s a step in the right direction and shows that motorists are still looking to buy their vehicles from new.

The popularity of superminis has helped to increase the overall car sales. It seems as though motorists are becoming more and more conscious about a car?s environmental credentials and are looking to buy a more fuel efficient motor.
The top seller so far is the Ford Fiesta ? which sold 23,681 models during March. Coming closely behind in second place was the Ford Focus which sold 17,989 models and capped off a great month for Ford.
The other factor which contributed to the rise was the Scrappage Scheme ? it accounted for around 12.2% of the total sales ? but this was the last month of the scheme so we can?t except it to have as big an impact next month.
It?s expected that car sales will now decline throughout the rest of the year as Scrappage sales accounted for so many new sales.

March is traditionally a good month for car sales anyway ? along with September ? because of the introduction of the new plate ? so next month?s car sales data will be an interesting read indeed.

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