Life Is Nothing Without Car Hire

This is a car. Its cylinders grind and pump oil through its systems, enabling it to travel and transport you for miles and miles, for days on end. This is a plane. Thousands of years of aeronautic development have created the perfect flying machine which soars through the air and one day, will break the speed of light. This is a train. Massive steel girders work its wheels in unison to produce a monster of transportation, cost affective for patrons to utilize. This is a boat. A powerful motor propels an aerodynamic craft through the water, cutting the waves in half as the horizon expands in your view. Transport is the lifeblood of our civilization and without it we would still be scrambling for twigs in our barren desert caves.

What are the first inventions that mankind had the decency to create? Fire, then home cooked food. Some form of rudimentary shelter and the forbearer of all transport – the wheel. Scientists, from their archaeological findings, have proven some of these details and it has indeed been confirmed that the wheel?s basic design is amongst many of man?s first original tool set. From then on, as we evolved from monkey to man, our concept of the wheel became more and more radical. It wasn?t enough to have a simple shell of four wheels and an engine. We needed more. We needed aluminium coated beasts which could shatter speed limits advancing, integrating and transforming our cars into portable family wagons, or mobile lounges resplendent with flat screen TVs and Dolby sound systems. We needed more. We needed cheap oil and cheaper car hire.

That though, is progress and without a lust for creating more advanced and exceedingly speedy transportation technology, we would be left wallowing in the dust. How would you visit your aunt living in the UK without a jet plane? How would your aunt be living in the UK without said jet plane? Even a simple scooter makes the task of walking seem like a second place runner up to catching the plague. When did pre-ambulation become such a chore? Such a bothersome task… Yet we cannot deliver goods across the globe on foot, and we can?t take a vacation by swimming to Hawaii.

Everyone who is reading this is most likely thinking, how obvious, of course we need transport. Where would any of us be today without rental cars or planes? What a stupid article. Burn in hell.

Do you see my point? We so obviously need transport and without it we would all be stuck in an infinite loop of fail [to quote a popular Web 2.0 meme]. Not one single person on our green earth can imagine a life without wheels, not even one of us. What can we hope to achieve without steel wings soaring us into the sky, or our rubber tires shifting us to work? Transportation is the life blood which pumps our economy into succession, which keeps us evolving, which moves you from success to success. Never take it for granted.

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