Guide On How To Get The Best Deal On New Car

Since the price of cars is rising, people wish miracles to happen so that they can afford the vehicle of their dream in their budget. One such miracle, which people expect, is to get a car at below dealer cost! Very well, this wishful thinking could actually become a reality if you are sensible and pick your time of purchase sagaciously.

What is dealer invoice price?

The invoice value of a car is the value that the dealer has paid to the manufacturer. Dealers are treated as independent franchisees and they’re likely to make a purchase of the car before they sell them to the end user. In order to make their expected income, car dealers normally keep the sticker price (MSRP or Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of the car 10-15 per cent over the invoice price. Hence dealers have a due margin and if you’re clever enough you can negotiate the final price tag. Although, if you know the tricks of the deal, you could get a price beneath the invoice value and thus make considerable savings on your car purchase.

What’s the key behind being able to purchase a car below car dealership price?

Invoice price is still not the true cost of the car. It’s because dealer might get certain rebates and particular incentives as well which brings down the invoice price. Thus, it is actually possible to get a car below its invoice cost. Let me reveal how you can go about it.

Selecting the right vehicle – Many dealers are most likely to negotiate on cars which are moving slowly so as to get rid of their inventory. Review car magazines and also websites to learn about these kind of autos.

Learn about the dealer’s cost price – You’ll find websites that provide tools where you can calculate the bill price of a car. This will help you in negotiating the best value.

Opting for a slow sales time period – Dealerships may offer you a good deal if they are desperate enough to meet their monthly, quarterly or even yearly sales target. Many times car manufacturers give cash price as rewards for dealers who have reached a stipulated sales figure. If you are a customer who can help a dealer achieve the magical figure, it’s possible to win mind-boggling deals. In this way, holiday season is a great time for you to make car purchase as many people are involved in gift purchasing and so want to stay clear of mortgages in the festive period.

Stop by several car dealerships – Make sure you visit as many dealers as you possibly can to check out what other customers are paying for the same car and even to hook a desperate dealer. It is strongly recommended you visit dealers at the month-end time and visit at least 10 dealers in your area to strengthen your likelihood of cracking a good deal.

Get second-hand cars in Vegas

If even after investing in so much labour you’re not able to negotiate a price which is in your budget you can consider purchasing used cars in Vegas. Go to your trustworthy dealers of second hand vehicles in Las Vegas to help you buy a well-maintained car at the best value. If you’re lucky, you can get a slightly used car, way below its invoice value!

The Same Golf But Different Cars

Volkswagen?Europe?s largest automaker and producer of the popular VW CV joint— has offered in Canada its new subcompact entry, the 2007 Rabbit 2.5 which has grown and matured from its Golf predecessor. VW is marketing its Rabbit 2.5 hatchback as a full-featured compact loaded with standard six air bags, traction control, air conditioning, cruise control, abs and a 10 speaker stereo with MP3-compatible CD player.

The Rabbit 2.5 is also equipped with a five-cylinder engine and VW?s four-year/80,000 kilometer warranty that covers four years of roadside assistance which is one year more than those offered by Civic or Corolla– primary competitors of Rabbit 2.5 in Canada. And compared to its other compact competition, the $20,990 five-door Rabbit is no doubt a good buy. But compared to the other VW?s compact how does the ?new? 2007 City Golf rate?

The word new in the 2007 Golf are warranted in the sense that the City Golf is supposedly the last generation of Golf five-door hatchback that will be sold in Canada. It should be noted that the Volkswagen has started offering its Golf in Canada way back in the year 1999 and the new City Golf is the latest addition. The new City Golf has a starting price of $14,900 and comes equipped with 15-inch rubber, four wheel disc brakes with ABS, power steering, AM/FM/CD with eight speakers, two-tone cloth seats, 60/40 folding rear seats, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, tachometer, rear wiper/washer and Volkswagen?s four-year warranty.

Compared to the previous City Golf, the new Rabbit 2.5 is more spacious on the inside. And just like Dodge?s Caliber, the new rabbit 2.5 is big for a compact, especially the back. However unlike the Dodge, the Rabbit 2.5?s interior has a more luxurious feel to it attributed to the fact that it has shared many parts with the Audi A3. But despite this fact it simply cannot be denied that Volkswagen has cut cost in the production of the Rabbit 2.5. There are obvious features found on the Rabbit 2.5 that indicates the cost-cutting that VW has employed for this Golf such as the center console and doors are made of harder plastic while the audio and HVAC controls just didn?t have that solid feel of Teutonic that pervades the City Golf.

And once on the road the difference between the new and the old City Golf became even more pronounce. The new Rabbit 2.5 is powered by a new 150 horsepower, 170 pound feet of torque, 2.5 liter inline five cylinder engine which is larger by almost half-liter and more powerful by 35 horsepower and 48 pound feet of torque than the City Golf?s four.

Another distinction is in terms of the weight since the rabbit 2.5 weighs 100 kilograms more than the City Golf. The most obvious difference is the 2.5?s more immediate torque which results to unplanned mid-range passing maneuvers. The rabbit 2.5 produces about 1000 rpm less than the previous City Golf when driving on the highway.

The City Golf is equipped with an independent torsion beam axle rear suspension while the 2.5 receives a new fully independent rear that makes use of a multi-link rear suspension. And if the City Golf?s is the bouncy type and revs up immediately, the 2.5 on the other hand is more of the subtle type. The Rabbit 2.5 is also more in control and more stable at high speeds as compared to the City Golf.

In terms of steering wheel, the City?s Golf conventional mechanical steering setup and lighter weight is much better. Unfortunately the Rabbit 2.5?s electro-mechanical steering suffers from on-centre numbness. And although it may be less direct but it sure is effective in providing the Rabbit 2.5?s luxury compact mission statement.

Jeep Launches New Interactive Online Ad For Jeep Patriot

Last February, Chrysler Group’s Jeep brand worked in conjunction with the popular Marvel Comics to create the “The Patriot Factor” online comic book. This unique and interactive marketing campaign for the Jeep Patriot allows the consumers to go online and create their own story.

This time, the Jeep brand wants to expand their online digital marketing campaign with the nationwide launch of their second interactive online advertisement for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot called the “The Way Beyond Trail”. The interactive campaign will be launched in the internet on March 15th, and will be accompanied by other marketing campaigns for the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot that can be seen by customers through 30-second TV spots, print ads, online advertising, a Hispanic campaign, product integration, events, direct mail, and billboards. Jeep said they are targeting younger audiences with the new marketing campaign.

Jay Kuhnie, Director of Jeep Communications commented:
“‘The Way Beyond Trail’ and ‘The Patriot Factor’ combine the timeless magic of story-telling with the power and reach of the Internet. Both applications allow us to engage prospective customers of the Jeep Patriot in an environment that is interactive and entertaining, which resonates well with them. Ultimately, the campaign theme takes its cue from the 2007 Jeep Patriot. That’s because the all-new vehicle delivers the fun, freedom, utility and best-in-class Jeep 4×4 capability that allows anyone to “choose your adventure.”

?Our target here is young, from 22 to 30, with income between $25,000 and $40,000, a little more male than female, and just entering a new phase of their life,? he said. ?They are just out of school maybe in their first job, moving out and trying to become adults. And they don?t mind being marketed to as long as you do it in an interesting way.? he added.

Meanwhile, John Plecha, Director of Jeep Marketing and Global Communications commented:
“The Jeep Patriot is targeted at young, active men and women who always wanted a Jeep but couldn’t afford one. Now, these consumers can choose their adventure in a Jeep Patriot because it delivers the Jeep experience at an affordable starting price – $14,985.”

Here are the details of Jeep’s “The Way Beyond Trail” interactive online marketing campaign:

The story has four main characters named Gary, Srini, Jodi, and the last character is the online participant. The setting takes place at a backwoods camping trip, where the participant will answer the challenges in 44 scenes. Every scene shows off some of the features of the all-new 2007 Jeep Patriot including flip-down speakers, Jeep Fender Flare, and the iPod holder in the center console. Participants can also go back to the previous scenes or skip the next scenes to complete the story. But doing this makes the interactive game less challenging.

Through The Centuries With The Buick Century

Under the umbrella of the General Motors, the Buick Motor Division is very much responsible for the Buick Century. This model of vehicles is a line of full size performance vehicles that had ran from 1936 to 1942 as well as in 1954 to 1958. The vehicle brand, Buick, also used the name Buick Century in 1973 to 2004 for its value-added intermediate line of cars.

The very first time that the Buick Century made its way on the automotive jungle, this vehicle actually took the place and niche of the Buick Series 60. This happened when the Buick division decided to rename the whole model line up for the 1936 model year. This was due to the celebration of engineering improvements and design advancements. What actually happened to the Buick Century was that it was a combination and concoction of the shorter Buick Special bodies? wheelbase to the Buick?s engine that holds eight cylinders. During this era, the Buick Century was actually the fastest in its brand line up. It was capable of performing under sustained speeds. Because of this fact, the vehicle was dubbed as the ?banker?s hotrod?.

The most recent Buick Century has been constructed to be a midsize sedan. It sports the look that has been compared to an elegant maiden that has beautiful features wrapped in fine simplicity which is a very uplifting description indeed. The Buick Century exudes also a look that says elegance and sophistication. It certainly is one vehicle that stands out from among its competitors. Its ride quality is very much outstanding. It provides a very soft, smooth and quiet performance. And through all these, it also gives its driver and its passenger?s utmost and great care, comfort, and convenience during the ride.

Before any great changes were done, the Buick Century came simply with a longer intermediate front wheel drive system. It also was offered as a couple, sedan, and station wagon although the latter was crossed out from the list later on. It holds grilles, turn signals, airbags for the driver?s side, body colored rub strips, a traction control, a tire inflation monitor, suspension, and side moldings. It also previously held a V6 engine with engine coolant that was guaranteed to last for five years.

This vehicle is mostly appealing to people who are more leaning towards old-fashioned bench seats. It also is a good means of transportation for it has the capacity to take in a maximum of six adults in its cabin. It also holds the typical Buick luxury plus some added features like a keyless entry system, a dual zone climate control, programmable door locks, as well as a CD player. Rumors have it that the Buick Century is nearing another complete overhaul.

To preserve the amazing performance and luxury of the Buick Century as well as other Buick vehicles, a one of a kind online store is able to provide customers with super durable Buick parts with an equally impressive performance. Interested parties can simply visit Auto Accessories Giant. It is a hassle free online store for shopping for auto parts that will make the Buick Century live up to its name.

Catching The Jaguar Xjr

When Jaguar is mentioned, the very first thing that could possibly enter your mind would be prestige, power, elegance, and design. Aside from that, it also brings about grace and style. And one of the Jaguar vehicles that incorporate all these characteristics would be the Jaguar XJR.

The latest updates done on the Jaguar XJR make it larger. It had added some 2.6 inches in length, 2.4 inches of width, and a significant 4.3 inches of height. It has shorter overhangs as well as a lesser steepness for its windscreen. To add to the joy of Jaguar XJR owners and users, the new one also holds more passenger space as well as cargo and luggage space which has gained a 30 per cent increase. It boasts of an aluminum body that is very much delightfully stiff. With the aluminum body, this makes the Jaguar XJR a lot less lighter. In fact, it has lost 440 pounds.

That only was the skin part of the Jaguar XJR. If a person looks closer and delves deeper, one would be able to find out that beneath the skin is a very capable machine that is responsible for the unstoppable power of the Jaguar XJR. This vehicle from Jaguar holds a 400 horsepower 4.2 liter V8 engine that is supercharged. It is hooked up to a six speed automatic transmission that is ZF-sourced. This transmission was actually first introduced and used in the Jaguar S Type. Made standard for this vehicle is a self-leveling air suspension, as well as the Jaguar?s Computer Active Technology Suspension (or CATS) system, the Dynamic Stability Control system, the Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Alert system, and the Adaptive Restraint Technology System (or commonly known as ARTS). The engine of the Jaguar XJR is perfectly smooth as well as quiet, alive, and robust. It also provides a very quick and speedy performance. It is also very supple, agile and flexible so much so that the driver of the Jaguar XJR feels the control he has.

As per the cabin and interior of the Jaguar XJR, it is very richly designed and dressed up with leather, wood, and bright work. Ergonomically configured so as to give drivers and occupants an easy time inside are the controls. The navigation system has a clear interface and a very classy presentation. So as to give occupants much more comfort are eight cup and drink holders.

Meanwhile, owners and enthusiasts of the Jaguar XJR and Jaguar vehicles could purchase Jaguar parts and accessories in the very comfort of their own homes. There are dozens of sites that offer excellent deals on Jaguar auto parts that are definitely hard to miss. One of the best sites from where customers can purchase quality and durable Jaguar parts is Jaguar Parts and Jaguar Auto Parts. It holds one of the largest collections of parts and accessories for Jaguar vehicles. Their collection includes accessories, body parts, brakes, service tools, drive belts, and cooling system parts among many others.

Joint Statement Of Ford, Gm, Chrysler On Meeting With Pres. Bush

The Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of America’s leading Detroit-based automakers including Richard Wagoner of General Motors, Alan Mulally of Ford Motor Company, and Tom LaSorda of Chrysler Group has recently conducted a meeting with President George W. Bush to help improve the development of alternative fuel (e.g. ethanol and biodiesel fuel). The three automakers also aim to reduce the country’s dependence on petroleum based products and reduce consumption of gas.

After the meeting with President Bush, the three CEOs went outside the White House with the President and US Transportation Secretary Mary Peters to discuss some ways on how to improve the consumer’s access to alternative fuels.

Here is what the three CEOs said in a join statement regarding the meeting:

“We briefed the President about the more than 6 million FFVs on the road today and we will add over a million FFV cars and trucks in 2007 alone. We explained to the President that if all these vehicles were running on E85, they would displace more than 3.6 billion gallons of gasoline a year. And even more compelling, if all the E85 capable vehicles on the road today — along with those that GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler have already committed to produce over the next 10 years — were to run on E85, we could displace 22 billion gallons of gasoline annually. Also, if all manufacturers made a comparable commitment to make half their annual production capable of running on biofuels, we could increase the savings to 37 billion gallons of gasoline annually in 2017.
Furthermore, we pointed out the benefits of clean diesel technology and that if all diesel vehicles today were fueled with B5 (five percent biodiesel) we could displace 1.85 billion gallons of petroleum per year; and 7.4 billion gallons per year if B20 (20 percent biodiesel) were utilized.

In order to achieve these levels of petroleum savings, we asked the President to help provide Americans with reasonable access to these fuels at a price that is competitive with gasoline. Right now there are approximately 1,100 E85 pumps in the U.S. and 1,000 biodiesel pumps, out of 170,000 gas stations. We expressed to the President that we are willing to lead the way, but we need government and fuel providers to increase infrastructure before we can make a meaningful impact.

In addition, we discussed with the President that as part of an overall national strategy to fully tap the potential of biofuels to displace petroleum, vehicle production increases must be accompanied by continuing the incentives that encourage the manufacture, distribution, and availability of biofuels and the production of flexible fuel vehicles.

We updated the President on our wide range of advanced vehicle technologies that run on alternative fuels such as E85, biodiesel, electricity and hydrogen. Plug-in hybrid vehicles can play a significant role in our transportation future. Increased funding for domestic battery research and development can help accelerate bringing these vehicles to market.

Overall, we were pleased with the exchange that we had with the President and all parties came away with an understanding of the significant, positive impact that biofuels can make on the environment and in reducing our nation’s reliance on oil.

We welcome the opportunity to continue working with President Bush, his Administration, and the Congress in a bipartisan manner and to move forward on solutions to these issues while continuing to do our part to ensure America’s long-standing leadership in manufacturing and innovation.”

This statement emphasizes that GM, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler will develop and produce vehicles with E85 capability in the next 10 years. So expect to see a Mercedes-Benz luxury super car model running on ethanol fuel pumping out on its Mercedes engine parts.